Anatomy Of A Landscape Photo: Pandora

buderim forest landscape photography

Anatomy of a photo – Pandora

The forest has always been a special place for me. Growing up in a place called Forest Glen on the Sunshine Coast. I spent my younger years playing in and exploring the forest that was our backyard, and also the wildlife reservation next door.

These Days i use the forest to recharge my battery, a form of therapy i guess, where i can breath the clean air, and listening to the sounds of the forest. One of my favourite placed to walk is the Buderim Forest park. It is such an amazing place to have nestled right in the heart of the Sunshine Coast.

Being a landscape photographer, i naturally wanted to capture a photo that captures the essence of this special area of the Sunshine Coast. I first found this location with these beautiful crows next ferns a few months ago, not far off the beaten track in the Buderim waterfall park.

I used a circular polarising filter to bring out the rich greens of the forest and cut the glare on the glossy leaves of the ferns. I created the image by taking a series of six overlapping portrait frames, and then stitching them together to create a wider perspective than would normally be possible with any one photo. This is known as a stitched panoramic image and creates a must higher resolution image.

I love the way the light is amplified by the translucent new growth of the crows nest in the scene ! such a beautifully photogenic eye catching subject matter. without a doubt one of my new favourite photos !

.Edan Raw,

Anatomy Of A Landscape Photo: Golden Goblin

maroochy river boat photograph

Anatomy of a photo = Golden Gobin

One of my favourite subject matter in landscape photography, is a boat or dingy on a calm river or lake. Finding a boat that is photogenic in a location that is photogenic is harder than you might think.

I managed to find this boat on the maroochy river with a clear shot of the sunrise in the background. This little twin mast sailing boat named ‘The Goblin” caught my eye on the way to work one morning. I knew i would be driving along the river around sunrise so i aways have my camera gear in the car just in case something catches my eye.

This was one of those mornings when you stumble upon a photo and nail the photo on the same morning, which is always nice. It was one of those morning when this light had a couple of transitions and i ended up getting a couple i was happy with, but this one is my favourite. I just love vertical panoramas, so easy to create depth and emphasize focal points in the scene and be more artistic.

The idea with this image was to use the vertical panormic format, to work with the vertical lines of the boats twin masts. That coupled with the natural light fall off at the bottom of the frame, helps guide your eye up to the aptly named goblin. I love the way the soft sunrise light dances across the water to create an abstract apparition like image.e

Edan Raw,

Anatomy Of A Landscape Photo: An Ancient Land

flinders ranges south austrlain landscape photography

Anatomy of a Photo = An Ancient land

As a landscape photographer, when you think Sunshine Coast, dramatic awe inspiring landscape do not really come to mind, with the exception of the Glass House Mountains.

We are blessed in other ways. beautiful golden sandy beaches, with warm turquoise waters, The sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations for good reason.

I feel it is human nature to want what you do not have, and one thing we do not have on the Sunshine Coast, is a dramatic rugged desert environment. One destination that has ample of the aforementioned is the Flinders Mountain Range of South Australia.

I was working down in South Australia when i captured this photo. Instead of going home for my week rnr i decided to fly my partner down to Adelaide and embark on a dream road trip around south oz for nine days. The Deal was stuck so i could take photos where ever i wanted, as long as we stopped into every vineyard in SA.

On The day this photo was taken we woke up in Burra after one of the worst nights sleeps you could imagine. The wind was blowing so hard i was sure the van was going to roll over. I shot a photo of the Burra homestead and we got on our way all the way up into the Flinders Range.

We drove through the most hectic windy dust storm all the way up into Wilpena, where we were staying. as we arrived a couple of hours out from sunset, we could only see the feint outlines of the towering walls of the part of the Flinders Range known as Wilpena Pound.

As it worked out, we arrived at the Wilpena Pound the same time a massive hail hit, Very rare in the flinders. I knew that the sunset would be on, and i knew where i had to get myself, The RazorBack look out.

When we finally made it to the lookout with an hour up my sleeve before sunset, The elements aligned for what would eventuate into one of the most beautiful scenes i have every witnessed. Luckily the hail storm that passed though settled enough of the dust so i could see down into the Bunyeroo Gorge and the walls of the Wilpena Pound, leaving just enough dust in the air to separate the elements int the scene and create that hazy layered effect.

This Photo “An Ancient Land” is one i am particularly proud of and one of my personal favorites.

Edan Raw,

Anatomy Of A Landscape Photo: Silhouettes

foggy sunrise panorama

Anatomy of a Photo= Silhouettes

Fog is a photographers best friend. I have been searching for a foggy sunrise composition for a long long time, it is not as easy as you think to nail a foggy sunrise landscape photo, as it takes a few more ingredients than the average landscape photo to come together.

Firstly, you need water on the ground from rain the night before, or you need to be close to a body of water like a dam, river or lake. You need a cold night and a dead wind. All that needs to be in play before you even find a photo worth taking.

I had been keeping an eye on the area i captured “Silhouettes” for a long time and knew that it needed a really heavy fog to separate the elements in the scene and block out the messy background, after a couple of false starts, the heavens aligned and i was presented with a foggy morning, no wind with a clear sky to allow direct sunlight to render the scene.

The fog helped hold back the exposure of the sun so i could preserve the detail in the highlights and shadows. This is only possible with fog, smoke or dust. “Silhouette” is the culmination of years of looking for the right scene and waiting for the right conditions to capture the foggy sunrise landscape photo i had been dreaming of.

Edan Raw,

Anatomy Of A Landscape Photo: Picturesque Peak

Anatomy of a photo= Picturesque Peak

One of my favorite plants is the native Australian succulent Pig Face. The bright green succulent body of the plant dotted with one of the brightest, boldest pink flowers found anywhere in nature.

As a landscape photographer, i naturally have always wanted to shoot a photo with Pig Face as part of the subject matter. On the day i captured this photo, i had a pretty successful day under the belt, i had already shot a couple of photos i was stoked with,

“Double Island Dreaming” and “Creators Lighthouse” and had a super fun surf, so i was feeling content.

As i was sitting on the beach taking it all in, i noticed that the tide had dropped out enough for the outside sand bank to break. I had been for a walk around the cliffs earlier and taken note of a couple of patches of Pig Face clinging to the cliff but didn’t bother scaling the cliff to see if it would work as a photo.

The peak that had just started breaking was the element i needed to tie the scene together, and create an artwork. I clambered down the cliff face and set my tripod with camera in portrait so i could shoot wide enough to get the Pig Face in the foreground and the peak the focal point in the background.

In the end i managed to land the one of my favorite landscape photos in “Picturesque Peak” scenes don’t come much more inviting that this photo, especially is you surf. I love looking at this photo, and remembering that beautiful day spend surfing and lazing up at double island.

Edan Raw,

Anatomy Of A Landscape Photo: West of Woombye

Anatomy of a photo – West of Woombye

The humble windmill makes for beautiful subject matter. I was lucky enough to stumble upon this location one afternoon just at the right time of day to reveal a scene of beautiful green rolling hills, dotted with eucalyptus, punctuated by a super photogenic windmill.

I found this photogenic spot in one the coasts many tucked away hinterland nooks. I stumbled across it while i was looking for a waterfall in the area that turned out to be a stones throw from this windmill. You don’t really see many windmills on the eastern side of the hinterland, so to find and photograph this windmill in this lush green setting, was a treat.

Edan Raw,