mount ninderry landscape photography

Anatomy of a Photo – Mount Ninderry Majesty

I have always thought the horse was one of the most beautiful Animals on planet earth. Such a powerful beast, yet so elegantly beautiful, the perfect photography subject. A subject i have always wanted to incorporate into a landscape photo.

One afternoon i noticed a herd of horses in a field facing Mt Ninderry. I had seen them from time to time, but never so many of them standing roughly where i needed them to make the photo I had in mind work, not to mention it being right on sunset ! all the ingredients to make the dream horse landscape photo come to life !

I set off into the field thinking I was going to have to sneak up on the horses and shoot with a longer lens to get the photo I was looking for, I was wrong ! Most of the herd spotted me and came over and surrounded me and started sussing me and and my camera gear, even chewing my tripod legs.

As such I had to shoot this photograph hand held and try to find a middle ground with the exposure and focal point, not as easy as you might think with half a dozen horses threatening to chew holes in you. I managed to shoot this photo in between the horses of another group that had not noticed my presence yet.

After all of that, and a good hundred or so photos later, this was the first photo that I took that afternoon, I honestly don’t think these horses could have been positioned better if they were statues.

Key takeaways from this landscape photo, you don’t have to go to Camargue in France to take a beautiful landscape photo with horses.


Edan Raw,