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I was lucky enough to win the biological lottery and was born in the lucky country Australia, and what a beautiful country it is. I was fortunate enough to be brought into this world by two parents that instilled in

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foggy sunrise
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Home of award winning Sunshine Coast based, Australian landscape photographer Edan Raw.

Welcome to the home of award winning, Sunshine Coast based, Australian landscape photographer Edan Raw.

Edan’s body of work, focuses primarily on Australia’s photogenic Sunshine Coast. A place abundant with natural beauty, a place he calls home. Edan has made it his definitive purpose to capture the true essence of our beautiful Australian landscapes though landscape photography, with his unique artistic photographic style.

Edan’s preferred landscape photography format is known as panoramic landscape photography. This wider format is similar to the human eye’s field of view, and when done properly there is nothing quite like it.

Edan’s preferred method of shooting his landscape photography is digital capture using a Nikon D850. Although he uses digital capture he favors a traditional landscape photography style, and prefers to be in the right place at the right time instead of leaning to heavily on photoshop or other editing software, common place in today’s world of Instagram photography

All of Edan’s Australian landscape Photography Artworks are available here online, in his Australian landscape photography gallery print shop. Available as either Acrylic face-mounted prints, on Aluminum, laminated canvases, stretched and framed or as a Fine Art photographic print.

Thanks for stopping by and showing an appreciation for my work and supporting local Australian landscape photographers !