Anatomy of a Photo – Picturesque Peak

One of my favorite plants is the native Australian succulent Pig Face. The bright green succulent body of the plant dotted with one of the brightest, boldest pink flowers found anywhere in nature.

As a landscape photographer, i naturally have always wanted to shoot a photo with Pig Face as part of the subject matter. On the day i captured this photo, i had a pretty successful day under the belt, i had already shot a couple of photos i was stoked with,

“Double Island Dreaming” and “Creators Lighthouse” and had a super fun surf, so i was feeling content.

As i was sitting on the beach taking it all in, i noticed that the tide had dropped out enough for the outside sand bank to break. I had been for a walk around the cliffs earlier and taken note of a couple of patches of Pig Face clinging to the cliff but didn’t bother scaling the cliff to see if it would work as a photo.

The peak that had just started breaking was the element i needed to tie the scene together, and create an artwork. I clambered down the cliff face and set my tripod with camera in portrait so i could shoot wide enough to get the Pig Face in the foreground and the peak the focal point in the background.

In the end i managed to land the one of my favorite landscape photos in “Picturesque Peak” scenes don’t come much more inviting that this photo, especially is you surf. I love looking at this photo, and remembering that beautiful day spend surfing and lazing up at double island.

Edan Raw,