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Anatomy of a Photo – An Ancient Land

As a landscape photographer, when you think Sunshine Coast, dramatic awe inspiring landscape do not really come to mind, with the exception of the Glass House Mountains.

We are blessed in other ways. beautiful golden sandy beaches, with warm turquoise waters, The sunshine Coast is one of Australia’s most popular holiday destinations for good reason.

I feel it is human nature to want what you do not have, and one thing we do not have on the Sunshine Coast, is a dramatic rugged desert environment. One destination that has ample of the aforementioned is the Flinders Mountain Range of South Australia.

I was working down in South Australia when i captured this photo. Instead of going home for my week rnr i decided to fly my partner down to Adelaide and embark on a dream road trip around south oz for nine days. The Deal was stuck so i could take photos where ever i wanted, as long as we stopped into every vineyard in SA.

On The day this photo was taken we woke up in Burra after one of the worst nights sleeps you could imagine. The wind was blowing so hard i was sure the van was going to roll over. I shot a photo of the Burra homestead and we got on our way all the way up into the Flinders Range.

We drove through the most hectic windy dust storm all the way up into Wilpena, where we were staying. as we arrived a couple of hours out from sunset, we could only see the feint outlines of the towering walls of the part of the Flinders Range known as Wilpena Pound.

As it worked out, we arrived at the Wilpena Pound the same time a massive hail hit, Very rare in the flinders. I knew that the sunset would be on, and i knew where i had to get myself, The RazorBack look out.

When we finally made it to the lookout with an hour up my sleeve before sunset, The elements aligned for what would eventuate into one of the most beautiful scenes i have every witnessed. Luckily the hail storm that passed though settled enough of the dust so i could see down into the Bunyeroo Gorge and the walls of the Wilpena Pound, leaving just enough dust in the air to separate the elements int the scene and create that hazy layered effect.

This Photo “An Ancient Land” is one i am particularly proud of and one of my personal favorites.

Edan Raw,