foggy sunrise panorama

Anatomy of a Photo – Silhouettes

Fog is a photographers best friend. I have been searching for a foggy sunrise composition for a long long time, it is not as easy as you think to nail a foggy sunrise landscape photo, as it takes a few more ingredients than the average landscape photo to come together.

Firstly, you need water on the ground from rain the night before, or you need to be close to a body of water like a dam, river or lake. You need a cold night and a dead wind. All that needs to be in play before you even find a photo worth taking.

I had been keeping an eye on the area i captured “Silhouettes” for a long time and knew that it needed a really heavy fog to separate the elements in the scene and block out the messy background, after a couple of false starts, the heavens aligned and i was presented with a foggy morning, no wind with a clear sky to allow direct sunlight to render the scene.

The fog helped hold back the exposure of the sun so I could preserve the detail in the highlights and shadows. This is only possible with fog, smoke or dust. ‘Silhouettes‘ is the culmination of years of looking for the right scene and waiting for the right conditions to capture the foggy sunrise landscape photo I had been dreaming of.

Edan Raw,