maroochy river boat photograph

Anatomy of a Photo – Golden Goblin

One of my favourite subject matter in landscape photography, is a boat or dingy on a calm river or lake. Finding a boat that is photogenic in a location that is photogenic is harder than you might think.

I managed to find this boat on the maroochy river with a clear shot of the sunrise in the background. This little twin mast sailing boat named ‘The Goblin” caught my eye on the way to work one morning. I knew i would be driving along the river around sunrise so i aways have my camera gear in the car just in case something catches my eye.

This was one of those mornings when you stumble upon a photo and nail the photo on the same morning, which is always nice. It was one of those morning when this light had a couple of transitions and i ended up getting a couple i was happy with, but this one is my favourite. I just love vertical panoramas, so easy to create depth and emphasize focal points in the scene and be more artistic.

The idea with this image was to use the vertical panormic format, to work with the vertical lines of the boats twin masts. That coupled with the natural light fall off at the bottom of the frame, helps guide your eye up to the aptly named goblin. I love the way the soft sunrise light dances across the water to create an abstract apparition like image.e

Edan Raw,