My Favourite Sunshine Coast Photography Spots !

best sunshine coast photography spotsSerenity Falls – Buderim

A unique subtropical oasis nestled in the heart of Buderim. A cool fact some may not know is that Buderim is actually an extinct volcano and is home to one of the most photogenic waterfalls you are likely to see anywhere.

Serenity falls, as the name would suggest, is a beautiful and relaxing place to get outdoors and recharge. To get down to the falls is about a ten minute walk over some pretty dodgy terrain so be sure to pack a decent pair of shoes.

Serenity falls is a sentimental favourite of mine, as it is the place where I took some of my first photographs and as such is right up the top as one of my favourite Sunshine Coast photography spots.

Point Arkwright – Yaroomba

Yaroomba still has such a nice small town feel about it for me – no skyscrapers, no best sunshine coast photography spotsapartment blocks, Woolworths or Coles, just a cool little beach town with a beautiful golden beach and picturesque headland known as Point Arkwright.

Home to plenty of cool rock formations for landscape photographers to point their cameras at. There seems to be a lot of sand movement here so I check the headland every few weeks to see what rocks have been revealed or buried ! That surprise is what makes Yaroomba one of my favourite Sunshine Coast photography spots.

The Wheel House – Maroochy River

best sunshine coast photography spotsThere are a handful of these iconic little fishing shacks dotted along the Maroochy River, but the Wheel House is definitely the easiest on the eyes.

Be prepared to jostle for a space to fold out your tripod on any given day as this is definitely one of the most frequented Sunshine Coast photography spots, and for good reason.

This charming like fishing shack is full of character, and with the Maroochy River as a backdrop you cant go to far wrong.

Wild Horse Mountain

Wild Horse Mountain is not just a cool name, it’s also thetop sunshine coast landscape photography destinations best place to shoot the sunset on the Sunshine Coast by a country mile. A full uninterrupted view of the Sunshine Coast’s iconic and truly breathtaking Glass House Mountains can be seen from the top of Wild Horse Mountain.

There is a catch ! 20-30 minute walk up a steep roadway (I should probably be grateful for a roadway) only to be greeted by enough mosquitoes to chase even the keenest of photographers back down to the car park. Be prepared – cover up.

The Coolum Bays

best place to shoot photos on the sunshine coastCoolum and its’ bays are one of my favourite places to shoot photos on the Sunshine Coast because they embody that perfect beach scene that the coast is famous for. Lined with beautiful pandanus trees and rock formations, even a couple of  mini caves if you look hard enough.

You could shoot photos in the bays every day for a lifetime and still find new compositions with ever changing sands, tides and swell combinations. Beware the third bay at Coolum is kind of an unofficial nudist beach of sorts, so make sure you are pointing your camera in the right direction.

The Hinterlandtourist locations sunshine coast

The Sunshine Coast hinterland with its green rolling hills are the other side to the Sunshine Coast’s diverse landscape. Dotted with everything from pristine waterfalls to ancient fig trees and uninterrupted views of the Glass House Mountains.

I am still, and will be for a long time, exploring the rocky streams of these hills, always looking to see what waits around the corner.  As far as Sunshine Coast photography spots go, the hinterland takes the cake for me. It is a true breath of fresh air, so get up there and get off the beaten track.