Fine Art Photographic Book


This coffee table book features many of my personal favourite landscape photographs that I have captured over the course of my photographic journey thus far. Most images in this book tell the story of the Sunshine Coast. My home, a land girt by sea, a place of unbound beauty. From Pandanus lined golden beaches and rugged headlands, to the remote reaches of the ranges that typify the Sunshine Coasts interior. The collection of images in this book are, for me, a visual representation of all things that make the Sunshine Coast such an undeniably idyllic location.

Spending time with mother nature played a central roll in my life from as far back as I can remember. Growing up with unspoilt bushland as a backyard meant very little time was spent indoors. I had a childhood that I will be forever grateful for, as it was pivotal in shaping my love and appreciation for the natural world, and later in life, a love for landscape photography, my medium of choice to translate that love of nature into works of art.

The events of the last few years, and the inevitable challenges that adulthood poses, has highlighted the importance of maintaining and fortifying a connection to the natural world. I use time spent in, and amongst, the beautiful places in this book as a means to charge my battery and sooth my soul, something I think all of us need to do a little more of.

I feel that whether we know it or not, everyone needs a way to express their creative selves. Some write music or play an instrument, some become chefs and create food as works of art. For me, photography is the creative outlet, and my camera the instrument that I use to convey my love for the thing that most inspires me most in life - nature!

I think the goal of any creative, be it musician, painter or photographer, is to imbed the emotions they were feeling at the time of the creation of the artwork.  As such, the intention of this book is to imbed the euphoria that I was feeling when capturing these singular moments in time.

I hope you can find as much joy and inspiration in the pages of this book as I have found in the journey that has led me to their creation.

Edan Raw