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Noosa !

what can be said about Noosa that hasn’t already been said. The Jewel in the crown of the Sunshine Coast’s seaside, is probably better known than the Sunshine Coast itself. The Glitz, and glamour of Hasting street, just a stones throw from the world renowned Noosa National Park. Noosa is a beautiful blend of the best Mother nature has to offer, right next to the best we have been able to create ourself.

With all the heat on Hastings street, and the Noosa National Park, you could be forgiven for thinking thats all there is to Noosa. You would be wrong, very very wrong ! The Noosa River, the Noosa hinterland, and the Noosa everglades, the later, one of only two everglade systems in the world, are truly every bit as spectacular as the National park its self.

The Noosa river is a landscape photography wonderland. Wether you are walking the river looking for old jetties and fishing boats, launching your drone trying to capture the beautiful curves of the river, or capturing a moment of tranquility with the sunrise reflecting off the calm water, you can immerse yourself in moments like that one any given day, from one end of the river to the other. You don’t need to be a photographer to get lost in the beauty of the Noosa River.

noosa landscape photography

Lets start at the start. The Noosa River mouth is an extremely popular destination, and rightfully so ! the turquoise water and and golden sandy beaches make this spot a must visit for anyone who is partial to sunning their buns. The ever changing sands of the river mouth offer some really interesting landscape photography opportunities when viewed from above, so if you have a drone be sure to pack it.

From the mouth of the Noosa River, you can go one of two ways. you can go south, though Weyba Creek past some of the most Beautiful houses in Australia, up past Keyser Island conservation park, into Lake Weyba itself. There are many beautiful walking tracks around the river and Lake Weyba. Lake Weyba is also a really popular destination for wind surfing and sailing.

Heading north from the mouth of the Noosa River, you will find many nooks and crannies of the river to explore. My favourite way to explore the river is on a stand up paddle board, so do your self a favour and go and hire one from and see the river from a unique perspective. From the mouth, the river snakes past the tourist town of Noosaville. Plenty of opportunities to have a nice lunch or dinner and wet this whistle along this stretch. My picks would have to be the Italian restaurant 250 Grammi, or Whisky Boy.

noosa river fine art photography

Heading further up thought the river, you will find yourself in the Picturesque Lake Cooroibah, another beautiful Paper Bark Tree lined lake, that is just far enough out of the way to get a bit of peace and quiet. Moving further north, the Noosa river narrows and meanders through dense Bush and flood plain, and then opens up into the Majestic Lake Cootharaba, another equally beautiful lake with views to the east of the sand dunes of Teewah beach and Cooloola Sand Patch to the north. Take note, it would be a crime, if any trip to this neck of the woods, didn’t end up at the iconic Apollonian hotel at Boreen Point for a cold one.

After you roll out of the Apollonian, and jump back on your water leisure craft of choice, the next stop it is a part of the Noosa river known as, the river of mirrors. It is every bit as beautiful as it sounds, with its heavily tannin stained water giving it an other worldly feel.

I will go further in depth on the river of mirrors section and Lake Cootharaba in another photography location spotlight, as i feel this section of the Noosa River is special enough to warrant its own write up.

noosa river drone photo
noosa drone landscape photography